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The Community Newspaper Association of Victoria (CNAV) is the peak body representing not-for-profit community newspapers across Victoria.

CNAV works actively with its members to enhance the capacity and standing of community newspapers, to enable them to fully realise their vital role in communities.

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CNAV papers continue to support local communities

It is with sadness we witness the closure of so many local newspapers across the country today, however it is not the end of local news.

The Community Newspaper Association of Victoria (CNAV) is the peak body for community-based print journalism in Victoria.

President of CNAV, Mary Farrow said, “it is sad that so many good journalists are set to lose their jobs.

“There is a place for local news in Australia, and these stories must continue to be told.

“From Moonambel to Mallacoota, our members have been reporting on local issues that are important to our communities across Victoria, some for over 100 years.  

“We are still here, and we will continue to tell the stories of our towns into the future”.

“Our not-for-profit newsrooms have been at the forefront of hyper-local news, producing quality journalism that comes from the community, for the community”.

The community newspaper sector is a training ground for young journalists, and an outlet for writers, photographers, cartoonists and columnists.

The community sector, while fuelled by volunteers, also creates hundreds of jobs across the state, employing editors, graphic designers, journalists, photographers, administrators and printers.

Community newspapers also provide a way for local businesses to connect with their communities through advertising.

“The COVID19 pandemic has affected us all, but community newspapers have shown resilience and a ‘can-do’ attitude that will see them continue to be an important part of their communities for years to come,” Ms Farrow said.

If you would like to connect with your local CNAV member newspaper, visit www.cnav.org.au

For more information or interview requests contact:

Sandra Miller

0429 121 969


12 October 2019, 4.15 pm
The York on Lilydale

  1. To receive the President’s report
  2. To consider and receive the financial statements
  3. Election of ordinary members of the committee of management

Nominations of financial members are invited for election to the Committee (click here for nominiation form).

In accordance with the Constitution, members with voting rights who are unable to attend the meeting may appoint a proxy (click here for form).

Anne Brackley  (Secretary)


  1. Minutes of the annual general meeting held on 13 October 2018 were approved as true and correct by the committee of management at its meeting on 15 December 2018 in accordance with CNAV’s constitution.  A copy of the minutes is available upon written request to the secretary
  2. As the CNAV member is the community newspaper, only one proxy is permitted for each community newspaper.  Representatives of community newspapers may nominate more than one person to be a committee of management member
Archived news items are available here.


Managing government advertising

The Victorian State Government has recently appointed Mediacom as their advertising agent. Mediacom have asked the committee to let our members know that they are keen to work with community newspapers, but they have had some difficulty managing the timelines that some volunteer run papers work to. Here are a few steps that will facilitate the government advertising process.

  • When Bill Penrose from PAS sends you a booking order, please respond to it, either affirmatively or negatively.
  • Once the ad is available, if you are uncomfortable printing it, please let Bill know immediately that you won’t be running it.
  • Once the advertisement has been published, please make sure you get your invoice to PAS/Bill Penrose within 2 weeks. We appreciate that some papers invoice less frequently than others, but it is certainly possible to issue a single invoice to meet the government advertising timelines rather than waiting to send out a whole batch. Lack of prompt invoicing is a major headache for Mediacom as they need to report back to government on place- ment of ads and costs within a tight timeline.
  • Always send a tear sheet with your invoice. Once upon a time, a tear sheet was the page of the news- paper on which the ad was placed torn out and posted with the hard copy invoice. If you invoice electronically, please send a pdf or jpg of the page. If you aren’t comfortable with converting the file, just take a photo of the page on your phone and send that through. At the very least, send a torn- out page of your newspaper by post and make a note of this on the email your invoice is attached to.
  • To make sure your invoice is found and processed in time, make sure your email header starts with ‘CNAV’ and your paper name.
  • Make sure your order number is included in your invoice.

Electoral advertisements

All electoral advertisements (not just at election time) at Federal, State and Local government levels must include the name and address of the person who authorised the advertisement.  The address must be a full street address and suburb or locality.

Note:      See sub-section 328 (1) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and sub-section 83(1) of the Victorian Electoral Act 2002).  Under sub-section 328(5) of the Commonwealth Act, the address of a person means an address, including a full street address and suburb or locality, at which the person can usually be contacted during the day. It does not include a post office box.  Under section 3 of the Victorian Act, address does not include a post-office box.

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