The Victorian State Government has recently appointed OmniMedia as their advertising agent. OmniMedia have asked the committee to let our members know that they are keen to work with community newspapers, but they have had some difficulty managing the timelines that some volunteer run papers work to. Here are a few steps that will facilitate the government advertising process.

  • Always keep your deadlines and advertising rates up to date at our broker portal
  • When Bill Penrose from PAS sends you a booking order, please respond to it, either affirmatively or negatively.
  • Once the ad is available, if you are uncomfortable printing it, please let Bill know immediately that you won’t be running it.
  • Once the advertisement has been published, please make sure you get your invoice to PAS/Bill Penrose within 2 weeks. We appreciate that some papers invoice less frequently than others, but it is certainly possible to issue a single invoice to meet the government advertising timelines rather than waiting to send out a whole batch. Lack of prompt invoicing is a major headache for OmniMedia as they need to report back to government on placement of ads and costs within a tight timeline.
  • Always send a tear sheet with your invoice. Once upon a time, a tear sheet was the page of the news- paper on which the ad was placed torn out and posted with the hard copy invoice. If you invoice electronically, please send a pdf or jpg of the page. If you aren’t comfortable with converting the file, just take a photo of the page on your phone and send that through. At the very least, send a torn- out page of your newspaper by post and make a note of this on the email your invoice is attached to.
  • To make sure your invoice is found and processed in time, make sure your email header starts with ‘CNAV’ and your paper name.
  • Make sure your order number is included in your invoice.