Associate Membership – Join or Renew

CNAV VISION – Community newspapers are the voice of the community.

MISSION STATEMENT – We will actively work with our members to enhance the capacity and standing of community newspapers to enable them to fully realise their role in their communities.


  1. To develop an active network that will support the development and continuation of community newspapers in local communities.
  2. To raise the profile of community newspapers with all levels of government.
  3. To foster co‐operation between community newspapers.
  4. To hold an annual conference and awards night.

“Community newspaper” means one that is owned by its community.  A paper or newsletter is eligible to join CNAV if produced by a person/s or group publishing the paper for their Victorian community.  A paper published as a private business venture is  not eligible.  An individual person, (or organisation) having an interest in the area served by the CNAV is eligible to join as an associate member.

Membership Application - Associate Member


 PLEASE NOTE - this form is only for "Associate" members, not for full members. 

Associate membership is for an individual person (or organisation) having an interest in the area served by the CNAV.

A person or group publishing a paper for their Victorian community should join as a full member.

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